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Specialized Contact Center operation service that includes human resources, omnichannel platform and virtual telephony.

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Contact Center tailored to your company

Clever Agents is a customer service with technical, technological and human capacity of experience in the market by our call center, which adjusts to the needs of your company, from one agent to the right amount to satisfy the calls and interactions of your contact center.

Main features of Agents

Our agents are highly qualified to solve and effectively follow up on your customers' needs

Attention under your company profile
Fast and personalized service
Trained agents
Daily distribution of data and schedules
Periodic evaluation of results
Campaign results reports
Annual planning of activities
Attention in Spanish/English
Physical & technological infrastructure

Responsiveness from the channel of your customers' choice

From telephone answering to multiple channels, we offer a complete Contact Center service providing the operation and functionality in a suitable environment, ideal for companies that focus on the operation of their business.

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Get to know the essential services of Agents

Telephone advisors
Floor Supervisor
Quarterly quality KPIs
Weekly calibrations
Recruitment & selection
ACD & Metrics
Employee Benefits
Action plan to improve results
Basic internet output