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Remote management and control of any establishment via web or from your mobile device with notifications to ensure the safety, operation and quality of products or services.

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Multiple integrated smart devices

It includes Gateway software with sensors of different measurement capacity and physical indicators, integrated under the Device as a Service model, monitored from a web platform for control and registration.

Main functionalities of IoT in a Box

Sensors centralized in a gateway + cloud management platform

Access via web and mobile App
Sensor georeferencing
Alerts by location
Visualization of the status of sensors in plans
Photo viewing, Google, maps
Historical data and graphs
Business rules and notifications
Management of alerts via email and SMS
Real time sensors

IoT in a Box offers substantial time and cost savings

The web platform serves as an online monitor of the devices' status and operation. It also stores in its logs the information and data collected from the readings measured by the sensors of the devices.

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Know the essential components of the service

Gateway & sensors
Mobile and web application
Reports and alerts