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Contract a virtual line and expand your presence in 200+ cities in Mexico or 10,000+ cities around the world in 65+ countries using only an internet connection.

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Separate your personal line from your business and give a better corporate image to your customers

Phone calls from conventional numbers are converted to Voice over IP (VoIP) and transported over the Internet to our system, terminating the call anywhere in the world.

Main features of LINE

Global, cost-effective and flexible virtual telephony

Receiving multiple simultaneous calls
Online consumption detail
Call recording
Simultaneous ringing on multiple devices
Interactive voice response (IVR)

Efficient, secure and cost-effective local and 800s IP phone numbers

We support you with the expansion of your business by providing you with national or international presence by requesting a new number or keeping your existing number according to the number portability subject to availability in your country.

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Learn how LiNE works from any device

Telephone numbers in more than 65 countries and 10,000 cities
Activation in minutes
Virtual line with number portability or new number